NEWSCLIP.SE supports the discovery and organization of journalistic information. As we search a variety of data sources for the subjects in your story, you efficiently conduct your research and share the materials with your newsroom.

The main idea behind the project was to build a workbench for reporters that provides similar time-saving tools to what an IDE (integrated development environment) gives to software developers.

The other guiding idea was "context cards." We wanted to atomize a reporters research into reusable cards that can be improved over time and re-used, thus quickly providing more context in the process of story development.

We're most proud of:

  • The overall user experience
  • How all of pieces interlock relatively seamlessly
  • The number of data sources we were able to integrate on a short timeline

Most of all, we're proud of the teamwork demonstrated over the last 48 hours. Not only the diversity of skills brought to the table, but the level of engagement, respect, mutual support, and hands-on contributions that made this project possible. In this respect, we've already won a great deal.

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