A distributed information platform, focused on delivering immutability, and scalability to the masses.


Problem: The looming threat of censorship casts a wide shadow over a core pillar of internet values: the freedom of information. Most recently, UC Davis Chancellor Linda Katehi contracted PR specialists to ‘clean up the negative attention’ to the university and herself in regards to the Occupy Davis movement. The campaign aimed to ‘expedite the eradication of references to the pepper spray incident’ on Google for the university and the Chancellor.

Solution: The newschain team has leveraged key concepts behind the blockchain data structure towards creating a tamper-resistant infrastructure to harden the freedom of information against PR specialists who wish to undermine the values that the internet embodies.

This is an opensource project under the MIT license, and utilizes these key technologies:



Build process

  1. Clone: git clone
  2. Build: cd NewsChain; npm install
  3. Run: Create a file named config.json in the following format:
  4. Run: npm start
  5. Enjoy: Visit localhost:3000 in your web browser of choice


The entirety of this project was built in under 24 hours with the primary goal of being demoable. This is a prototype and in no way shape or form is it suitable to be used in a production environment.


EZEDIT was created in a 24 hour hackathon, HackDFW, by:

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