There are two parts of the project :

1) A fully mobile-friendly website which helps users to get the most recent world news.

2) An android application built for the same purpose.

General Features

The home page shows top 10 latest news of all categories to the user. On clicking on any of the categories in the top navigation bar, only news items pertaining to that category are shown to the user. Each news card is clickable and opens to give a more detailed view of the article. There is a commenting functionality too for each news card which can help users interact with each other and share their views or opinions. Each news card has a sharing functionality and has three sharing options : facebook, twitter and mail. The users can also bookmark an article or remove article from bookmarks according to their preferences. Users can also search for a particular keyword and then get all the news items related to that keyword.

The above mentioned features were common for both android application and website.

Apart from this, a trending tab in the android application was also introduced. This tab showed the number of times a particular keyword is searched for in the recent past using a line chart.

Also, the website had a feature of choosing which news API source to be called - either Guardian News or New York Times. This choice made by the user was retained even on closing of the session.

Technology Stack

The website was built using React. The backend calls were made by building a custom REST API using Node.js and express.

A similar backend was used for the android application.

This project was a part of my coursework of my Master's in Computer Science program at USC. The course name was CSC1 571 - Web Technologies. The video links added here are those used on the course website just to present a general idea of how the final product turned out.

Website video : Android application video :

Github Repo - Website : Android application :

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