We are united by the common goal to hunt down fake news.

What it does

We designed a developed a solution based on a Chrome extension that allows you and your friends to collaboratively hunt down the fake news. Our platform matches a suspicious page with the similar news pages from your friends' trusted network.

How we built it

We developed a server application in Python and a client as a Chrome application. We use word2vec embeddings pretrained on Google News to created doc2vec embeddings.

Challenges we ran into

GPG being hard to play around with so we gave up and made our own trust graph.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • We successfully tuned of-the-shelf word embedding models to be used for computing news document similarity
  • We developed two graph-based NLP-spiced algorithms to assist the user in judging news
  • We developed a fully-functional front-end as a Chrome extension with nearly zero front-end development experience.

What we learned

GPG, doc2vec, Chrome extensions, tons of Python libs (newspaper is a nice one!)

What's next for The X Fakes

Integrate the Facebook Friends Graph with our platform. Add cryptographic digital signatures that prove authenticity of friend opinions.

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