The main inspiration behind the project is to motivate young people to read newspapers and use newspapers as a means to improve their vocabulary.

What application does

The application has two functions 1) Vocabulary with newspaper reading - Meaning of a word is given and the user should read the news clip shown and find the word that best suits the meaning 2) WordFind with newspaper reading - Sound of a word will be played and the user should find the sentence where the word is present and type the whole sentence

How I built it

The android application is built through Android Studio. We are using the raspberry pi as a personalised server (similar to Alexa). Once the application sends a request for a news clip to the server (raspberry pi) the server searches for the news in the web and finds words in the news clip and sends the words, meanings and other informations to the android application. For searching newspapers - News API is used.

Challenges I ran into

The main challenge we faced is setting up the raspberry pi as a server and connecting the android application to the raspberry pi.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Able to build up our own server and able to connect our android application to the server on our own. Also able to deliver a vocabulary based application through newspaper.

What I learned

We learned many things with respect to server setup, building android application etc.

What's next for News Vocab Learn

Applying Machine Learning to find news clips and words based on user's performance.

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