My project visualizes news data from the ContextualWebSearch API. My visualizations make the news much easier to read and more understandable. For example, the JSON of the news stories is one long paragraph. I was able to break it up into chunks to make it more human readable. I also provide helpful links for people who like to read news straight from the provider.

My charts are also helpful to the reader. With one look at my word cloud, the reader can see some the current popular topics in the news. The reader can also see what places are being talked about in the news by looking at the map visualization.

I learned a lot by making this project! I worked with a library I had never used before, AnyChart.js. I also learned about Handlebars (something I hadn't been familiar with). I definitely ran into some challenges along the way (I was in the hackathon Postman discord thread quite a bit...). I struggled with passing objects to <script> tags in the template, and I had to learn how to use the encodeURIComponent() function in JavaScript to make it work. I also struggled with making my CSS look how I wanted to (when is CSS not a struggle...).

Overall, I'm really proud of the outcome of my project. I worked hard to create something that looks good and gives useful information to the user. I also pushed myself by using libraries I wasn't familiar with. This was a fun experience!

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