In light of recent global events, we wanted to visually depict what news stories are being covered around the world and by which news stations. We felt this would give an idea as to which stories news agencies of various countries found most important to share with the public and societies in which they reported to and perhaps influenced.

What it does

Base on the User's search our website maps out related news events based on real time twitter feeds from broad range of global new sources.

How we built it

We used Twitter's API to get recent tweets from broad range of global new sources. Based on the users' search inputs we filtered out the tweets and extracted the location, url and content and displayed them on a map, using google map's API. The tweets were represented by colour coded markers based on the the country of origin of the new source.

What I learned

We got more experienced with PHP, JavaScript and Google Maps API. Plus, we learned how to use the Twitter API.

What's next for News Pulse

We believe there is a huge potential for News Pulse, in that we are able to obtain and present geographical data of news stories from around the world, as well as their source of origin. From this, we can see which stories are getting the most attention and from which stations. In the future, by retrieving data from more and more news stations we believe we will be able to eventually get a global picture of what news are delivered to people of various countries and how the media chooses what is important and not so important to deliver, and thus how international their outlook may be. This is of interest because we believe there is a strong correlation between what the media delivers and the political and social atmosphere in the regions to which they report to.

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