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Are you tired of following the news, reading through articles and finding out they contain basically no new information from what you've read yesterday? Well, so are we!

Have you spent the last three days following the US elections and constantly finding out they still haven't finished counting? I see some of you nodding in front of your screens! Well, so have I!

Which is why our team decided to build NewsMeter. NewsMeter is a news aggregator which tracks how certain topics changed through last few days and let you know when something meaningful actually occurs.

We crawl news for different topics across last few days, store them in our database and analyze them using natural language processing.

To figure out which news have a high "exclusiveness", we represent the content of news with word embeddings (word2vec) and measure their distance to prior news from the same topic. We display the news across a timeline and distinguish those which are exclusive, allowing you to minimize the time spent skimming articles.

We analyze new articles with python, store them in the SQLite database, serve them with node and display them with javascript with the help of p5js library.

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