My friends and I are always sharing articles with each other, but we could never find a good way to keep track of them. We tried Gmail and Facebook messenger but often those articles were really hard to find for later reading due to the sheer volume of emails and messages we get. We wanted something where we could log in at our convenience and see all of the articles our friends shared with us at any point in time. That's when it struck me that what we needed was an app like Pocket but instead of saving articles for ourselves, we save them for each other.

The goals of this app were simplicity and organization. I made sharing simple by using a Chrome extension for sharing the current site you're on. And I made the dashboard display shared sites on clean cards with an iframe enabling viewing of the articles without leaving the app. Also, the entire app is hosted on Microsoft Azure making it super reliable.

*Note: when testing the site I recommend using 'Hugh Jackman' as the login name, as he has articles shared with him, thus making it a good demo of the dashboard space.

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