Inspiration for NewsHub came from recent controversy over false news, as well as growing uncertainty amongst the public over bias in reporting. Additionally, we wanted to offer a way for everyday people to quickly get relevant facts through the summaries generated on NewsHub, to remove the necessity to click into articles and make news more accessible to everyone.

What it does

NewsHub will bring up the 6 top trending events in the news with photos and summaries when loaded, and allows the user to search for news topics and receive summaries of relevant articles and analysis of bias in articles.

How we built it

Built with JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Lexalytics Semantria, and Nuance Mix APIs, as well as EventRegistry and Azure Cognitive Services for serving articles and events.

Challenges we ran into

  • How best to determine what events should be featured on the front page
  • How best to summarize articles and provide the most relevant facts
  • How to filter and sort results
  • How to determine bias and sentiment in articles

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Were able to build our frontend skills by designing and developing web interface
  • Were able to leverage natural-language processing APIs and cognitive service APIs
  • Successfully compiled correct, condensed gists for articles

What we learned

  • Frontend Development
  • API interfacing
  • Natural-Language Processing
  • HTTP GET and POST requests

What's next for News Hub

  • Improving interface to make more friendly
  • Search filtered by bias/semantics
  • Further integration with Mix, Semantria
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