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Timeout! Time for News Dribble!!!


I am a big fan of NBA and personally I have been looking for platforms where I can get updates about the upcoming matches. Adding to my Crypto craze, I wanted to make a project that brings both of my passions together!

What it does

Keeping pace with the increasing number of matches has become very hard. So here we have News Dribble , making following NBA easier, more exciting and engaging. From News Updates, Standing Tables, Upcoming Games to Minting NFTs for your favorite teams and player! Even more, we can place bets on upcoming games and win Crypto!

How we built it

  • Website is built using ReactJs, CSS and JavaScript.
  • Espn News API and NBA( API for the standings, upcoming games and players & team data
  • NFT minting has been implemented using DeSo Blockchain
  • Also DeSo has been used to place bets and publish them on the DeSo Platform for others to see
  • Twilio has been used to send updates through SMS
  • GitHub and Vercel have been used for Deployment of the website, management of the project using Pull Requests, different branches and commits.
  • has been used to get a custom Domain

Usage of GitHub

  • Created different branches for different features - parallel development
  • Used Pull Requests to merge the branches
  • Tested features before merging
  • Continuous commits to keep track of the progress
  • Deployment using GitHub Pages & Vercel
GitHub PR's Branches - Network Graph
PR Merged Branch History

  • has been used to get a custom domain -
  • Check it out at News Dribble

Rebound Hack

  • I had earlier created a NFT minting project using an image url using DeSo.
  • I further expanded the functionality of DeSo in this project by using it for placing bets and minting NFTs for teams and players
  • Also I added Twilio for SMS updates regarding bets
  • Further created the NBA live data website using various APIs listed above

Challenges we ran into

One major challenge was Twilio. I had a lot of struggle in linking with JavaScript and Node as this was my first time using it on my own backend. Other challenge was the integration and getting this together within the timeline

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Going from Idea to website to full implementation & Integration of features in a single weekend

What we learned

Learnt to work with new technologies within such a short time and using DeSo for signing transactions

What's next for News Dribble

  • Leaderboard & reward section for betting winners
  • NFT selling & flaunting feed
  • Live updates of Bets placed while placing bets

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