It becomes a tedious task of staying updated with the latest news, hence I have created this project to ease out this task in an elegant way. Many of the hardworking have the FOMO because keeping updated with news requires looking at different resources at different places, with different UI, so I came up with this solution.

It has been very useful for me, I use it daily to read news articles ( or at least the headlines 😜). I would recommend you to use it too.

What it does:

It collects news from some of the most visited sites relating to dev news and presents it in a beautiful, un-obstructive and elegant way.

How we built it:

I have my own server API, serving the data built using NodeJS/ExpressJS. Postman Visualizer is used as a frontend

Challenges we ran into:

Collecting the news data was one of the biggest issues. Another issue I had was using template strings inside of the js in a script tag, for which Claire had helped me a lot, but still, it didn't work.

Accomplishments that we're proud of:

I have built a pretty and memory-efficient frontend in Postman visualizer. I also came up with a work-around for using template strings in the JS of the template itself. I have also used an API that provides RSS feeds (in XML) and used it for content.

What we learned:

Using XML, parsing XML, optimizing for low memory usage, I am not very good at frontend but still, I managed to learn and build it for the hackathon.

What's next for News - Catchup:

I'll be adding more news websites to better the collection. Also, I'll be developing a PWA for it.

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