This past spring showed us the extraordinary influence of media: news media and social media. Differences in beliefs between people led to conflicting reports on the same topics. Differences between stories told on mainstream news media and stories shared on social media propelled social movements forward.

Challenges we ran into

We changed our solution to address the issues in news media twice because we realized that the problems of fake news and misinformation are very complex issues to tackle. We had to take a few steps back to see the overall picture of how these individual issues fit together in the scope of news consumption and reevaluate what both our own user research and published research journals/articles conveyed about these issues.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're a global team with members from USA and Ireland. The four of us were not familiar with each other, yet we all coordinated meetings across 3 different timezones and stayed motivated to work on this project throughout this 3-month project timeline. It's amazing how far we've gotten in our final prototype because we only had 2 weeks to design and create it due to deviating away from our previous solution. Our first user research survey on news consumption gathered 180+ voluntary responses, so we know many people are interested in our project!

Product Description

News Buds is a mobile platform redesigning the way people interact with current news by bridging the gap between different styles of news intake and tackling modern issues in news consumption. Our mission is to empower our users to stay informed and engage in civil conversations on current events.

We hope to address solutions to uprising issues such as fake news, bias, and hope to engage various users through strong user experience. We are passionate about this problem as current advancements in social technology has lead us to access news from so many different sources without being educated on fake news and media bias. We hope that our product continues to raise the serious question about how we intake information in this age of information.

The News Buds Team

Ilene Kang, LinkedIn: /in/ykang1001

Janice Liu, LinkedIn: /in/jjaniceliu/

Julia Hawley, LinkedIn: /in/julia-hawley/

Soundarya Senthilnathan, LinkedIn: /in/soundarya-senthilnathan/

Acknowledgements: We would like to thank our mentor, Nikhil, for his honest feedback on our project! We would also like to thank Product Buds for organizing this Project Jam so that we could practice our PM skills.

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