News BiasCheck

BiasCheck is a Decentralised application to help combat fake news and reduce bias in information consumption. It has a chrome extension that uses APIs on a backend canister deployed on IC network which shows bias/accuracy info about all news articles online.

The chrome extension works across various social media and news sites and shows information about bias and accuracy of the article.


Disinformation — that is, content that intentionally misleads for political or financial gain — is nothing new. But as we’ve seen over the last year in particular, digital platforms have made it significantly easier to spread dangerous conspiracy theories

Decentralized aps offer a potential solution to combat the growing threat of digital disinformation.Blockchain systems use a decentralized, immutable ledger to record information in a way that’s constantly verified and re-verified by every party that uses it, making it nearly impossible to alter information after it’s been created.

Blockchain’s ability to provide decentralized validation and a clear chain of custody makes it potentially effective as a tool to track disinformation and biases in news.


IC Bias check

Tech Stack

  • Backend canister and UI canister deployed on IC network
  • API exposed on backened canister using JSON/HTTP mokoto contracts.
  • Chrome extension that consumes API on IC and runs across all social media sites (twitter, facebook, google and reddit)

Challenges we ran into

  • Learning Mokoto was challenging but it was equally rewarding deploying an app on the IC network
  • Getting chrome extension work across multiple social media sites

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Building a functional chrome extension which works on a dfinity canister backend.
  • Smart contracts for inserting, looking up and validating news sources

What we learned

  • Learnt building apps on the Internet computer network
  • Also learnt about various news APIs and

What's next for News Bias Check

  • Adding Internet identity, tokenized rewards for users reporting fake news
    • Import news from sources like Newscatcher API and classify them using data on the IC backend canister


Built With

  • candid
  • chromeextension
  • dfinity
  • internetcomputer
  • motoko
  • node.js
  • react
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