It is a pilot project that I developed with my college mate for academic course DBMS CS-305. College: NIT Delhi


1) Apache server 2) PHP 7.0.X 3) MySQL


Install XAMPP.

How to deploy the website

i) After installing the requirements, just copy and paste files inside htdocs folder to htdocs on your local system.

ii) Import the Database from mysql folder (Check mysql documentation to import database)

iii) Start Apache server and MySQL daemons.

iv) Open your browser. Type localhost:PORT_NO in URL(Instead of PORT_NO write the port your Apache server is running).

v) VIOLA! You successfully configured the website to run on your system.


  • [x] Create UI.
  • [x] Create Database and ER model.
  • [X] Deploy the website.
  • [ ] Use Third Party App APIs to collect news from web. (Eg:

ER Model

Alt text

Built With

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