People love to learn new skills, be it technical or no technical. They often share their learning experience with other either by tweeting about it, or by writing blog posts. But there is no centralized place where they can daily save a short summary of what they learned. These short summaries can become really helpful when one wants to quickly revise a topic or if they want to share it someone. Enters Newk - Your Learning Journal

What it does

With Newk you can daily log what you've learned and share it with your friends. You also get article suggestions to read and learn something new. You can show off your learning journey with the HeatMap.

How I built it

The app is built using React Native for the front-end. The GraphQL API is built is using Hasura and we have used Relay as the GraphQL Client.

Challenges I ran into

Relay was something I had not used before. Implementing Relay was a challenge.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am proud that in such a short span of time we were able to build the MVP.

What I learned

How to build a GraphQL API with MongoDB and Hasura, and how to implement Relay in React Native.

What's next for Newk

There are a tons of features that we will be adding. Some of them are:

  • Adding Authentication
  • Sharing Option to share the journal entry

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