When I am in college, I met new people or friend everyday, so when we find a lot of common topic on interests, we like to know more about each other, each of us maybe exchange our facebook or instagram, etc. Therefore, I am thinking about making this more convenience

What it does

Store your social username or url on our server (Remember: NO PASSWORD), than share with other using qrcode or nfc technology on mobile phone

How I built it

Flask web framework to build the backend of this project, bootstrap for frontend

Challenges I ran into

Some web development concepts the school didnt teach design sucks

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Build the website in one week

What I learned

MVC, Database Engine, NoSQL(Redis, MangoDB), Restful-API design, Nginx setting, Deployment, Android Networking(Volley), Handle png from bytes in Android, Litter bit Swift #<....MAYBE MORE

What's next for NewID

Improve our API, Rolling out our Android/IOS Application, Redesign its look like

Built With

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