It's still difficult to get a real-time holistic picture of your personal financial situation if you're in both the centralized and decentralized financial worlds. NewFi came out of a desire to see all of our personal assets and liabilities regardless of whether or not they're held in the fiat world or the crypto worlds.

What it does

Currently, NewFi is a two-column dashboard that shows personal assets and liabilities. Each asset and liability column is divided into fiat and crypto subsections so that users can see a combined summary of all their total assets and liabilities, and ultimately net worth.

How I built it.

Since we wanted users to have access to their financial data from anywhere we decided to build a full stack javascript web application. For the frontend we created a React/Redux webapp and utilized express.js for the backend for simple api queries and authorizations. We also utilized Ethereum for wallet information and smart contracts.

Challenges I ran into

Primarily time constraints. We have a pretty large vision of where this project should go and implementing the entire feature set was difficult. Mainly we wanted to get a stronger backend put together with better API integration with coinbase and plaid.

What's next for NewFi

1) Add functionality to convert and show all balances to a single currency (USD, ETH, BTC, etc.) 2) Ability to buy/sell crypto through the dashboard so that balances can be adjusted immediately using Coinbase or other platforms 3) Add portfolio analysis and auto-rebalancing 4) Notifications about inefficiencies and arbitrage opportunities across cryto/fiat 5) Full user identity and "credit scoring"

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