What is Newcomer Career Discover?

Newcomer Career Discover, (NCD), is there to help immigrants in the always changing economic world. Immigrants often struggle to find jobs, and get funding to start their own businesses. Our mission is to provide new immigrants with connections to career paths and venture capital funding to help make their transition to America better. We believe that all Americans, no matter where they came from, deserve quick and easy access to the tools and that will help them prosper. We provide excellent services like an automatic resume generator, job searching and connections to investors to help our users be successful in a constantly changing economic environment. We would like to offer NCD in many languages to make our service accessible to as many as possible. Our goal is to create a better, more prosperous America by helping those who need it most.

What does Newcomer Career Discover do?

NCD lets new immigrants list their abilities and knowledge to help them build a resume. New immigrants can then submit this resume and apply to different skilled jobs. Our website can also connect new immigrants to investors looking to invest in innovative ideas.

What inspired us?

We were amazed by how hard immigrants work, and how badly they want to be successful. Also, we were amazed by the fact that immigrants are 60% more likely to be entrepreneurs. We wanted to give them the resources they needed to have them thrive with their fantastic ideas and keep them successful individuals. We want to bring their great ideas into America's economy.

How did we build it?

It was a wide variety Google and time, but definitely not sleep. We used HTML, Css, Javascript, and Php.

What challenges did we face and what did we learn?

We ran into a lot of barriers trying to complete this project. Our main programmer was not able to make it on Saturday, the main day. Only Parth Patel knew much HTML and any other languages. The rest of us learned as we went. We learned that we work best without sleep, and a lot about immigrants true dedication.

Whats next for Newcomer Career Discover?

There is a lot we'd like to add; making it more professional, more resources, more functions, make an app, but frankly, we'd like to get the word out. We'd like to believe this can be a major step for helping immigrants get jobs, especially if they don't know how to create a resume. And for entrepreneurs, this is a great way to get their idea out and get investors. Businesses like having a diverse culture of people, and I believe businesses would love this resource, as well as investors and future immigrant entrepreneurs.

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