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We don't have is truly adaptive startups. We find our co-founders from private networks, we negotiate an equity split based on crude instinct and then we go away and work in the dark, hoping that everyone pulls their weight. And we wonder why 9/10 startups fail in their first year... It’s not fit for purpose. Startups are critical global infrastructure, a core unit of the new professional economy and we think our startups should be as adaptive as our tech stacks.

How is your solution uniquely solving this problem?

NewCo is a new way to start a company. NewCo is a platform for individuals to meet, launch their company and build value together in a way that's fun and fair.

Every day NewCo will ask your team how many hours they worked. Our algorithm calculates a fair equity split based on contributions in real time. The more you work, the more you own.

We are launching this month on an aura + neo4j/graphql stack. Our biggest challenge at the moment is migrating from the old neo4j-graphql-js library to the new library.

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