All the new students from other place (Foreigns) challenge a lot of changes and difficulties everyday so we believe, we can provide solutions to significant problems they have with: Newbie.

How it works

You can search for attractions in the city (Parque Fundidora, Arena Monterrey, Clubs) having the direction of the place, phones, schedule and a minimal so you can find it. Where to eat: Economic Places where you can eat near your campus providing directions, schedule and of course a mini map. Phones: Important phones that you may need in several occasions like: Cabs, Police, Emergencies and all the phones of the places included in Places to Eat and Attractions. Promos: Who don't like promos? This feature show you promos of places you may like for example when iHop give free Hot Cakes!.

Challenges I ran into

Develop a whole new app from the idea to the code in Swift. Learn a lot of code in few hours.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Develop a full app with integration with Facebook Use the "new" programming language Swift Apply concepts of design

What I learned

The use of map kit, Swift and core location Concepts of design for the user experience Manipulating graphics

What's next for Newbie

A review section for every place in the app so you can know more about the place by reading the reviews of your friends with our Facebook integration This prototype it`s for Monterrey but we want make it for every college available by making the users updating our database like adding places they like, reviews and more.

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