One of our friend moved out a couple months ago and started living on my own. He suddenly had to take care of things he didn't know about. His parents used to take care of things like rent, electricity, gas, TV, Internet, but now he had to manage it myself. To manage all these things we thought about using an app for that, however, we just couldn't find a proper app that suited his needs and was really committed to do one thing right: keeping track of subscriptions. Most of those apps required an account, had too many features or where quite expensive.

What it does

  • Keep track of your subscriptions
  • Monitor your spending and cancel old, useless subscriptions in minutes
  • Find out what you're paying extra for, etc
  • Get notified when bill is due

How we built it

  • Ruby on Rails backend & server
  • React and Redux front-end
  • PostgreSQL
  • Plaid – Financial data API

Challenges we ran into

  • Plaid authorizing ACH
  • Security related issues
  • Deprecated/legacy API

Accomplishments that we're proud of

What we learned


What's next for iSubscript

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