Our team has a passion for spreading the word about mental illnesses and making sure that people know that there are ways to make it manageable. We think that our website does a good job of acknowledging the signs of the illness and addressing ways to take care of it.

What it does

Our website has five tabs: Home, About, Learn, Practice, and Resources. The home tab is where users can login. Our about page describes what the website is and who the creators are. The learn page talks about anxiety and depression, their signs, and websites to help you learn more. The resources page includes more links to websites. The last tab called practice allows a user to look at different ways of managing the illness and then select the methods they like the most. This builds a 'path' for the user to follow everyday. We also created a Facebook, Pinterest, and a Twitter for our website.

How we built it

The website design and structure is built with HTML and CSS. The back end was created with Javascript.

Challenges we ran into

Troubleshooting in Javascript was a problem for the back end. Our team also used Git for the first time and struggled with keeping everyone updated.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Getting Git, actually implementing something with Javascript for the first time, and learning HTML and CSS.

What's next for New You

We will be adding more mental illnesses and providing broader paths for the user to follow. We will also be creating a new login so users can keep track of their path and to see how far they've come. Also will be adding a notes section for users to make special notes on symptoms and activities.

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