This site came straight from the prospect of becoming a better person over new years. 2020 has been rough, challenging and detrimental to our livelihoods. 2021 should be a year of regeneration, a year of setting goals and changing for the better. We saw how people united and worked together in 2020, how even in peril, we had each other's backs, we stayed safe, and we made sure that Covid wouldn't beat us. Well, with 2021 and people forming New Years Resolutions, we thought that it'd be a good idea to help people achieve these resolutions, it's the least we could do and may be of great use to anyone, regardless of what they're trying to accomplish or their age. Inspiration doesn't come from materialistic items; it comes within us; it's the idea of becoming a better person. And that's why we made NYNM. The term, "New Year New Me" has lost its meaning over the years, people seem to use it, but they never stick to it. This is why we're giving it meaning once more. This time it'll stick.

What it does:

New Year New Me will track your tasks as you put them, small tasks to huge goals, NYNM has got you covered, with our resolutions planner, we'll make sure that you stay on track and don't forget what you need to do. The only driving force is you. You're in control, which is why you're the master of your destiny. You choose what you want to improve on, and you WILL stick to it because that's what you need.

How we built it:

Together, we've made this minimal, but modern site that is stunning to the core. With the use of several languages, this was made possible. We used a combination of HTML, CSS and JavaScript to make the frontend aspect of the website. And for the backend, we used Firebase and integrated Google API to sync the user's data. Also, our domain was made possible via GoDaddy, and we hosted onto our VPS.

Challenges I ran into:

One of our biggest challenges as a collective was our different timezones as we had a combination of EST, GMT and IST. Timezones proved to be a hindrance, but we persevered, and together, by staying organised, we managed to overcome this challenge and make the project work. We also tried to form some wordplay when hosting but ran into some errors which didn't allow us to work to our full potential, and with the deadline closing in we just had to go with whatever had. Another challenge was the styling and settling in with a particular house style or a design overall, but again, we managed to beat this and come out with a clean, polished website. And last, of all, this Hackaton being most of ours first, we didn't know how it was going to work, or if we were even going to make a good team. But you know what, we make a great team! And we did it.

Accomplishments that we're proud of:

As a collective, our team has worked perilously and even though we don't know each other, and for many of us, this was our first Hackathon, and we did it! That's what we're most proud of, even if we don't win, or come out on top, we put in the effort, and the hard work and we're pleased. This has been a great experience, and it has been overwhelming, but we enjoyed it.

What we learned:

We learned more about hosting and domains. Some of us learnt more about individual languages, such as JS and CSS. One of our team members also learnt how to integrate a bootstrap template into a JavaScript project.


SoulNinja - got the website up and running on GitHub pages, and linking the different sites into the main one and getting it all working together. Jothini: I helped with coding the front end such as the tracker page with HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Anuj: I helped with the front page with Bootstrap, html and css, and setup the website using a vps for our initial submissions.

What i learnt

SoulNinja - all about hosting and domains and more about css and js. Avinash - Using Firebase with vanilla JS, programmatic routing in vanilla JS Jothini: how to integrate a bootstrap template into a JavaScript project. Anuj: how to setup and use firebase.

Whats next

SoulNinja - I will learn more about JS and react this time around. Jothini: Continue to develop my skills in other coding languages. Anuj: continue learning new stuff.

Built with:

HTML, CSS, JS, Firebase.

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