Inspiration The inspiration was that with 2021 starting, I thought people would like a way for themselves to be very organized throughout the year. That's why I built this.

What it does It keeps you organized by displaying multiple trackers, a place to keep goals, and other fun surprises.

How I built it I used javascript to create this HTML for the backbones and CSS for the aesthetics. I

Challenges I ran into Using javascript was a bit difficult especially with creating the game. It was difficult to make sure that when you submit the text, it will show up as well.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of I'm proud of the goals tabs I created as well as the mini-game I embedded into this project as another sideline.

What I learned I learned how to create a fun game to play as well as ways to keep yourself organized on the website!

What's next for New Year, Better Me! What would probably be next is to add other trackers and sort of a diary with a specific password to keep your notes and thoughts in.

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