I developed a website which got views I'm days and the bandwidth of the website reached its limit so first!! This website purposely was to help young people especially youth to get familiar with the tech and designing projects.

It it really helps a lot of young men and women!! And that's why I want to transform the same on this platform by teaching young men and women and anyone interested the amazing work you can do and as well earn a living as web developer, consultant, tech master and windows experiencer.

I built it just out of an idea I had from since I was 15 and it went as I expected!!

But as you know challenges do come our path, I faxed a challenge of lack of time to reply to my clients because I had a lot of things I was running at the same time!

And I am proud of being a web master as I dreamed of..

I learnt that if you are so consistent and positive to your dreams however much you pass through hardship you will succeed...

The next for ##New World of Science and Tech is to empower people not to stop hustling and giving up on there dreams rather to learn the new world of of Science and Tech.

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