Everyone strives to achieve a better version of themselves but push that off until the new year, so if accomplished, would feel more fulfillment. Writing resolutions is a common objective among people in hopes of achieving unaccomplished tasks or responsibilities, but most often left untouched. We thought that creating a platform to help its users actually achieve these goals through constant reminder, encouragement, and convenience would allow more people to successfully attain their goals for the year.

What it does

New Us is a website that utilizes forums and chat rooms to allow its users to communicate with others, while helping them achieve their new year's resolutions. The forums allow the users to search for any questions or advice to help them on their journey while the chat rooms are intended to have multiple users communicate with each other and provide encouragement, in hopes of making the path of attaining goals more entertaining and motivating. The website essentially utilizes different methods to constantly remind the user of the resolutions they set at the beginning of the year and maintains consistency to help finish the little steps in achieving their ultimate goal. It also allows the users to gain rewards that would help give back to the community, which would be an incentive for them to work even harder towards their goals.

How I built it

We built this using flask, html, javascript, and css. The backend handles all requests and makes sure to do any scheduled tasks. The javascript handles any front end work and the css makes everything look nice.

Challenges I ran into

We ran into difficulty with the javascript and making sure that all the ids were assigned properly to tell the back end which elements were being changed and fixed.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are proud of the ability to easily search and sort through the various goal types and posts. This allows for easy access to many posts. We are also proud of the ability to send messages to the users phone for inspiration and reminders.

What I learned

We learned a lot about how to design applications. We also learned how to schedule tasks and make the flask app send sms messages to a phone number. Lastly, we learned how to route and write functions as well as code in css.

What's next for New Us

The hope for New Us is to branch out into an application available for other technological devices, such as phones, ipads, tablets, and more to allow for the convenience of having it immediately when opening the device, rather than having to pull up the site every time. We also want to connect to charities to make sure we can donate money with our app.

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