Artist Statement.

Unseen topographies that wrap up three hyper data-objects: Geodata, Biodata and Artificial intelligence.

Do we shape the world? Or does the world shape us? Is the human brain shaped by experience? Or is an experience shaped by the brain? In this artwork, together with technology, these elements coalesce. These are future grounds; hybrid terrains and collective topographies manifested as mechanic landscapes.

The landscapes of the Arabian Peninsula are home to a diverse set of terrains and stories of a culture that has been shaped by these topographies and definitely shaped them back. Reflecting on terrains, the riverbank metaphor illustrates a bidirectional morphing, that is, are the river banks shaped by the stream of water? Or is the stream of water shaped by the riverbanks?

Arabia, with all its cultural breakthroughs, has sprouted from brutally extreme raw environments. Nevertheless, the natives have uniquely adapted to such challenging surroundings, by being the stream of water, which can only exist and thrive with the physical limitations of the riverbank. However, through the process, they have come back as a prosperous culture inhabiting modern urban contexts.

“Emergent topographies” is a speculative art project that brings together two crucial data objects: Geodata and Biodata, using machine intelligence. These two elements, simulated topographically, produce a thorough semantic base for an AI to speculate upon and generate new hybrid topographies in permanent mutation.

The artwork’s generative process operates on two topographical features: form and texture. Hence, through an AI, the yield is emergent topographical alloys of nonexistent topographies, with unseen textures.

Conceptually, the topographies produced by the AI propose a future that blends in Land, the People, and Artificial intelligence. Synonymous with the country’s vision, they are landscapes of opportunities, culture, heritage, digitalization, and futures yet to unfold.

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posted an update

  • Challenges we ran into: What algorithm to use. Training for long time.
  • Accomplishments we are proud of: We could finally choose StyleGAN2 and we could implement a way to save checkpoint in case the session is terminated at google colab so we can start later from where it stopped.
  • What we learned: How to implement ai and computational tools into ideation and artistic creation. In addition, How ai can influence our art production.
  • What’s next for: This project has a framework that could always be complexities and polished. In addition, it could be applied to various terrains and several cultural settings.

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