MediNoise is an app that combines concentration tracking with personalized meditation to address the ubiquitous issue of waning focus in our digitally saturated lives. MediNoise generates white noise based on brain activity, transforming lapses in concentration into opportunities for purposeful meditation, a wonderful addition to our busy work lives.

Developed with React JS and Python, the app employs real-time fast Fourier transformations and filters to enhance audio quality. A streaming HTTP server facilitates data transfer to the web app, enabling dynamic visualizations and audio synthesis based on real-time changes in brain signals. When the user's concentration level falls below a certain threshold, the app will seamlessly transition into meditation mode and start a stopwatch which will pause itself during periods where the user is not fully concentrated, and will allow the user to stop whenever they feel like they can concentrate again. This helps improve productivity by notifying the user of their drifting concentration and allowing them to regain their focus in a proven way.

Imagine a subscription-based model offering a unique blend of AI-recommended personalized noise and music meditation sessions inserted at carefully-picked times throughout the day, as well as concentration tracking and insightful progress metrics. At the end of the day, we're not just selling an app; we're offering a transformative experience to have a personalized concentration guidance tool that gets you meditating, in a world where mental health is a top priority. We are 2023’s paradigm shift in how distractions are perceived and utilized for personal growth.

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