What is the concept? An app that helps couples connect with each other in new ways while being stuck together under the same roof for weeks due to COVID 19.

Why I chose this concept? Being recently married, I realized that most of the ways couples connect with each other are either through going out (restaurants, bars, hikes) or staying in (Netflix). Given that the first option is out and the second option gets boring quickly, there is a need for couples of mentally engage with each other in new ways. Couples are spending am unprecedented amount of time with each other for the first time, and without new avenues to spend mental energy, there is a danger of stress and martial issues. I believe there is a strong opportunity to improve mental health of couples not only in the short term but also in the long term.

How will it work? We will build a simple roleplaying game. Say, a husband downloads the app. He can select a role that is a little different to what he usually is (e.g., romantic, unpredictable, caring). Then a chatbot gets activated and gives him ideas of what to do, lines to use, videos for inspiration and also a few timed challenges to complete. There is also an opportunity to send emails/notifications to the spouse simultaneously.

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