The old-fashion locks haven't changed much in the past century and are easy to picklock. With todays technology this shouldn't be acceptable, therefore we have come up with a solution: RSA locks.

What it does

We have added an extra layer of security to locks, an RSA token, that will make it significantly harder for thieves to break in.

How I built it

Python, Heroku, Restful API, Dragonboard 410c, RSA

Challenges I ran into

Creating and connecting the server working with the RSA API Working with the qualcomm board

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Communicating with the Dragonboard 410c. Having the core functionality working

What I learned

How to work with the Dragonboard 410c. RSA API

What's next for New Generation of Locks

A better GUI, a more robust implementation. A hardware aspect

Built With

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