Disasters can happen to anyone, anytime. For that reason, disasters are issues that raise one of the most amounts of money for many charities. However, how do we know where our money goes after donating?

Situations have happened such as $500 million for Haiti Earthquake, where over $500 million dollars in donations went missing.

U-Help is a platform designed to allow donors to easily support those in need affected by disasters by accessing our online web application. By utilising Blockchain technology, the process of donating to a charity becomes more transparent, with every transaction able to be viewed and tracked as a ledger. Donors can be assured that their money is being used to make a positive impact in helping people re-build their lives following the devastation of natural disasters.

Our solution also aims to encourage more donors to feel comfortable donating to aiding those affected by natural disasters. Donors may also view their own profile to access a list of their previous donations, as well as a donation receipt able to be used for tax deduction purposes.

A use case for the typical user: The donator has seen that a natural disaster has occurred in Japan and desperately wants to help support victims affected. However, they're not too trusting of charities after seeing various cases where donations went missing. They want to make a positive difference and therefore, decided to use the U-Help platform as it utilises Blockchain technology and the donor can thus see exactly where their money has been spent and used. After successfully making a donation, the donor can view their own profile to see a list of their previous donations, as well as access tax-deductible receipts. If they are curious, they may also see the real-time blockchain ledge on the U-Help web page and be sure that they are making an impact that matters.

How we built it

The front-end of this project (a web-app) was built using HTML, CSS and Bootstrap. The back-end was created using Python Flask.

Challenges we ran into

We ran into a wall regarding the end link of validating how the donation was actually being used by the charity. We needed a way for donors to verify that after their money was given to the charity, it was used on the ground to help. First, we have decided to implement a condition for charities to collaborate, they must be willing to put all transactions using donations made through our platform onto our Blockchain. Furthermore, we spoke with one of the mentors who suggested we employ auditors to assess the progress of rehabilitation of the community.

Pitch Deck

Pitch deck

What we learned

During the course of this hackathon, we were able to learn how to effectively work within a team within a very short time frame. We also learnt about the importance of transparency when donating through customer validation techniques, asking people for their opinions on why they do/do not currently donate to charities helping natural disasters.

What's next for U-Help

We hope to implement a digital currency on the blockchain, thus reducing any time delays that may be associated with currency exchange. We also aim to contact more local charities in various areas of the world to increase U-Help's global network and ensure that when a disaster occurs, we are prepared to help as quickly as possible.

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