The population of the community of disabled citizens in Jamaica increases every day; however, do we make enough effort or contributions to improving the quality of life of this community. Let's zoom in on the visually impaired and blind persons in Jamaica -approximately 29,000 persons. These individuals are fully capable of doing many activities that the average non-disabled person can do but unfortunately, resources are limited or are not deployed efficiently. It is our vision to find a solution to kick start the change locally.

What it does

New Eyes is a smart white cane that integrates with a proximity sensor and web mapping service to guide a visually impaired or blind person while walking to his/her destination.

How we built it

Hardware- The smart white cane was built using Arduino technology and household supplies (broomstick, tape, etc.) to facilitate the demo. Software- We created a working demo of the application that configures the cane using PhoneGap

Challenges we ran into

-Limited Hardware -Time Constraints

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • The main function of the solution works as intended -The team was very resourceful in executing the prototype

What we learned

-There's so much more we can do with embedded systems.

What's next for New Eyes

Day Two Features:

-Camera Vison -Other sensory feedback methods

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