My inspiration was formed when I realized that informing people about a company can be fun and engaging.

What it does

It renders printed images into 3d objects that can be seen through google cardboard VR. The app allows you to see virtual items in the physical realm making it an AR application as well. The app also spits out informative audio for each image

How I built it

I used unity mostly. I added the vuforia api to unity and that helped a lot. I then exported the project into xcode to be made into an ios app

Challenges I ran into

All of my print outs had GE logos on them so my camera thought that all the images represented the same function. I ended up just looking at text or distinct images

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Being able to finish it and be proud of its capabilities

What I learned

I learned how to add sound as an asset in unity. Also how to make custom 3d models in blender.

What's next for New century GE

If GE wants to expand it then i'm willing to help

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