What it does

Newborn Again connects new and old parents and allows old parents to give away their baby items!

How we built it

Our team used React and Appwrite to build the app.

Challenges we ran into

We struggled a lot with managing our time. Many things were going wrong and some core functionalities were not working. We also struggled with our backend. The API was only working for one of our members, so we had to adapt and do what we could.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of what we accomplished in such a short amount of time. We learned a lot of new technologies and skills. Also, we are proud of our graphic design. One of our goals was to make the app visually appealing.

What we learned

We learned that in the future, we should plan accordingly based on how much time we had. By the end, we didn't have time to complete all the features we wanted and instead we had many bugs. We should have prioritized the main functionalities.

We also learned that sometimes, things are out of our control. We struggled with our backend, where only one of us could access it. Despite the time we spent trying to figure out the problem, we had to adapt and move on.

What's next for New Born Again

In the future, we want to add search and filtering functionality, an area for comments or questions on each post, and direct messaging!

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