We tried to solve three issues:

  1. Storage of Sensitive Data
  2. Effective Team Communication
  3. Resource Management

Storage of Sensitive Data: By using Google Drive or other free cloud storage services youth can safely and easily store their sensitive information. Youth have control over whom they choose to share this information with. New Avenues for Youth is therefore not responsible for the security of this sensitive data.

Effective Team Communication: By utilizing Slack workspaces youth and their team members (case workers, coaches, parents, foster parents, etc.) are able to communicate across several channels which are each specific to a program or appointments. This makes it easy for them to keep track of who they are working with in different programs they may be involved in. Each workspace is named after whichever youth it represents making it easy for their team members to keep track of their communication with each youth member.

Resource Management: We chose phone gap as a delivery system to mobile frameworks. For the database, we chose Firebase's no SQL database. It is an effective way to maintain infrastructure at minimum cost.

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