Art is a universal language. It is a unifying force that transcends social injustices cultural divides, and linguistic barriers, thus becoming the ideal medium through which to harness positive social change, create conversation, and celebrate a collective identity.

What it does

Through the creation of refugee-designed welcome murals, New Australians celebrates multiculturalism at a time in which refugees within our communities face discrimination, racism, and exclusion. Providing a public arts engagement platform for the youth refugee community fosters a sense of belonging and connectivity to their community and environment.

How I built it


Challenges I ran into

We were lucky all of our team members were passionate about art and were committed to making our endeavour a success. We ran into a bit of setback while doing our pilot at Westfield Parramatta. People were not willing to come and talk but we managed to find people willing to express their stories and sit down with our artist to give it a voice.

What's next for Art Crew

We are undertaking development of huge mural in Parramatta on Australia Day next year. We hope it will be a grand success.

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