Our team thought that a common problem is losing important everyday items such as keys, umbrellas, and credit cards, so we decided to create an app to detect whether the item is in its holder, and send the information to your phone. We wanted to build an open source notification system to track and manage personal items to organize our lives for better productivity. The user can keep track of what items are in its specified place and check the status through an app, which lights up green or red for the item. The hardware is convenient by allowing the user to place the item on top of the sensor, which transmits the signal to the computer. Therefore, we built a sensor system that is both inexpensive and efficient, with the possibility of users creating sensors with everyday objects and using our source code. The future applications for our NeverLose! app is to use the wireless feature of the Edison board to be able to wirelessly detect whether an item is in its place; if the item is missing, the user would be able to send push notifications. The app allows for easy detection, security, and confidence by making sure important items are never lost.

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