The inspiration for this Neverland project is based on people's interests in role play. Maybe we are not satisfied with the real life, so try Neverland and be anyone you want by chatting with others in the virtual world!

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What it does

By creating a chat room for different categories, like the Avengers, White House, or even Downton Abbey, you can choose your favorite role to play and chat with others, in the (virtual) world you like!

How we built it

It's an iOS project built with swift and XCode. We used firebase to do real-time message update for each chat room.

Challenges we ran into

Initially, we tried to do a web app with Angular.js, but we realized some of our ideas are not doable in such a short time if we built a web app, so we switched to the iOS version since we're more familiar with XCode.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We got enough sleep and had a lot of fun in the 24-hour hackathon, which is unbelievable!

What we learned

How to program something that looks fancy but actually with hackathon-quality code.

What's next for Neverland

Change from local database to online database and expand the chat categories. Hope more users will enjoy this virtual world and we are considering continuous maintenance and larger user community.

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