XWelcome Judges to Sparketplace We created an innovative market place for college student to buy, sell or trade textbooks. Our app promotes social engagement as well as helping college students save money. Evangelist Pat Patterson came to our class for a tutorial on Salesforce App Development. He inspired us to take our idea to the Dream Force Hackathon. We are demonstrating how easy it is for novice developers to make their ideas into a useable app on the SalesForce Platform. We used Appery.io as our UI and hosted our database on SalesForce Platform. Essentially our app is a match maker for books. College students everywhere, every semester need books. A good way to save money, meet peers, reuse books and cut out extra costs from online book retailers we are an all-round seamless user experience app. Our simple interface allows users to navigate and make book purchases fast and easy. We are group of 5 college students (all MIS Majors) that have limited technical background, we utilized the SalesForce platform to develop an easy to use app. Our app has the potential to go beyond just books. In the future we want to add many more features like; selling furniture, tickets, cars, whatever is convenient.

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