Inspiration: The Zork adventure games were a great inspiration. Saw it for the first time and said; "Yes! We can do that."

What does it do: The program runs a game called "Neverend-Journey of the Mage. A text-based adventure game that puts the player into a world of magic and puzzles, where they input commands to make their next move. The plot follows our player and their companion, 'Ime', through different places to the castle of the Mage.

Built with: We built it using jsfiddle, an online Javascript tool.

Challenges we faced: Moving out of the original model and trying to making it more compact. Also, using Javascript as a language for the first time.

Accomplishments we're proud of: Our awesome adventurey-text blocks imaginative ideas and so much more.

What we learned: So much is possible with very little knowledge.

What's next for Neverend-Journey of the Mage: We have no idea what will happen next with our little game, but we are definitely looking forward to adding to it and making it bigger and better!

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