Cake the band, Cake the food.

What it does

"Never There" is an interactive, VR-enabled music experience based around the Cake song of the same name. Shaw Walters, Ana Becker and Linda Shirar brought the music-listening experience to brand new technology: listeners explore through a virtual world filled with imagery that relates to the song itself, as well as the lyrics of the song. The piece could be a lean-back experience or a game: listeners can steer using a game controller, and "collect" all the words to the song as they flew by, earning a percentage completion at the end. The piece was created specifically around the concept of the song, to showcase the artistry of the song and bring listeners into the song's world. Bleeding-edge technology brings new life to a song, while the familiarity of a favorite song brings a comfort to new technology. The piece could be experienced on a VR viewer like Oculus or Morpheus, or in HTML5 with Google Cardboard (or without).

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