I created this project with a simple goal: learn augmented reality development! I believe I now have the skills to create more powerful augmented apps and will hopefully use my abilities to create more meaningful applications.

What it does

Never Selfie Alone is an android application that places a 3D person on top of a dollar bill that the selfie taker holds up. The purpose of the app is to give a friend to any lonely selfie takers!

How I built it

I created this app within Unity, and used a plugin called Vuforia for the augmented reality. I 3d modeled and rigged the character in Blender3d.

Challenges I ran into

I had some problems with motion tracking and finding the right AR software to use.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am proud I was able to learn as much as I had about AR, along with what I have accomplished in the time.

What I learned

I learned about augmented reality, and how Unity works with different augmented reality software. I also learned about 3D modeling and rigging, and imported created models into Unity.

What's next for Never Selfie Alone

I will, hopefully, be able to port my application into iOS, and create a version that I feel comfortable putting on the app store.

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