Getting lost as a child and wondering around IKEA for 3 hours, I think we ALL know how this story ends.

What it does

In basic terms, this application, along with the Estimote beacons, is a convenient way of keeping track of your children when you are out and about with them.

Simply attach the beacon to their clothes or bag, and you can track their movements on your phone! You will get notifications when they go a certain distance away from you, letting you know they have wandered off.

How we built it

We made use of Android Studio throughout the entire project, utilising XML for the front-end and Java for the back-end.

We initially designed the individual activities on paper, making sketches of the buttons and various input fields. Afterwards, we split the project into tasks, and distributed them out to the team. Maria and Sam worked primarily on the layout, focusing on the front-end, whereas Richa and Igor worked on the Estimote Bluetooth connections and how they linked into the application, which made up the bulk of the logic of the system.

Challenges we ran into

The largest challenges we came across is learning how to make use of new tools and new languages.

As a team, 3 of us were experiencing a hackathon for the first time, so we had to figure out how to divide up our time between exploring the exciting hardware, and making sure we got the pIgor oject completed.

Maria, Richa and Sam had to learn how to program in XML for the first time, which came with its struggles. Igor had to figure out how to configure the Estimote beacons, and get the correct data through the application, outputting it to the user.

The tools used, such as Android Studio and GitHub, made the experience a challenging, but rewarding one. Although hard to understand at first, the power of these systems made the whole project run smoother.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

-Making our first project together as a team, with it all working accordingly to the original plans. -Managing to program nearly solidly for a full 24 hours, proving that we can focus for long periods of time when sufficiently motivated.

What we learned

-How to configure and develop code around the Estimote beacons. -How to build front end of applications using XML, with an infusion of Java. -That solutions to all programming problems can be found on the internet, if you spend enough time searching.

What's next for Never Far

More hackathons as a group, and hopefully progressing onto a extensive portfolio of weird and wonderful hacks.

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