Coffee is what drives developers, if you run out coffee you will kill productivity in your Office. This solution was built to keep everybody happy and to make sure that the coffee never ends.

What it does

This solution counts the number of coffees that your employees drink during the day and it decreases the stock. It also allows the person in charge of managing the coffee machine to order more coffee.

How we built it

We used an Arduino with an ESP8266 chip that is always connected to the wifi. Every time the coffee button is pushed it sends an email to the coffee manager mailbox that is processed by Microsoft Flow, and then Flow registers the consumption of coffee in a SharePoint list. This list is then used to build a dashboard using an SPFx web part where the stock and consumption of coffee can be monitored. When the stock gets low the person in charge of managing it can order more directly from the WebPart. The order process was built with Microsoft flow; the order is registered in a custom list and when it arrives at the office and is marked as delivered Microsoft flow adds new sock to the stock list.

Challenges we ran into

Connecting an IOT device with SharePoint

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We've built and automated a process to manage a common issue at the offices that will keep all developers in the world happy :)

What we learned

How easy Microsoft made it for us to integrate different services and platforms with SharePoint

What's next for Never ending coffee

We will build a fancy box to store the Arduino and it will go straight into production at our Office in Portugal and possible we will modify the button to be connected to the machine and take the coffee automatically .

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