We were inspired by the memory loss that people affected by conditions of dementia face. It starts out with a slow cognitive decline which can mean forgetting the name of an object, but it can lead to mixing up and even forgetting loved ones. This is something no one should have to face and we wanted to find a way to solve this problem. Our app is called Neuros, and it is an app to help with forgetting people, objects, and general cognitive decline. The main feature of our app is adding and recognizing a person. Users can take a picture of someone, tag them with a name, and add memories that they have had with the person. This information then stores locally and can be used later to identify people. If a user forgets who a person is, they can take a picture of them and they will be taken to an area where it shows the picture of the person, their name, and the memories which can help trigger a pathway in the brain to help the user remember who the person is. Additionally, users can take pictures of objects and be alerted with what the object is and the definition of the object's name. This was all made possible by machine learning from Microsoft Azure. There are also 2 games implemented in the app. There is a matching memory game where users must match two icons to gain a point, and there is a trivia quiz game where a user is shown a picture of someone from their local storage and they must answer with the name of who they are. We learned a lot about the everyday challenges of having a condition of dementia. The problems that people face are very hard to overcome, and through our research about how to treat it we were shocked to see what many people have to go through. We only hope that our app can in some way provide a light to the condition and help treat the condition and ultimately, raise awareness.

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