As a student who couldn't afford to go to college my first semester, one of the great tools i used while learing computer science was the MIT Opencourseware lectures. The passion and depth that the professors taught with drew me to their courses.

What it does

Neuron is an application that allows professors to upload lecture recordings for students. As well as take audio recordings for students and extract text from them so students can re-watch later

How I built it

Using video recording software and audio recording software i was able to parse video and upload them to dropbox for students to watch as well as the google speech api to trasncribe text

Challenges I ran into

Trade offs between high quality video, audio and fast upload time. Threading the video streams so that more then one recording wouldnt happen at a time Had difficulty implementing google cloud vision to recognize text within video.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Not a UX designer but the sleek look of the app impresses me. Solved some hard programming issues with coffee and note taking

What I learned

DropBox api has some impressive storage limits

What's next for Neuron

Video text recoginition!!

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