## Inspiration by the history of art in virtual reality: artists Char Davies: Osmose 1995, CREW: C.A.P.E. 2010, Marshmallow Laser Feast: We Live In An Ocean of Air and infinity mirror experiences: by artists such as M.C. Escher, Yayoi Kusama, TeamLab. : Borderless, you will experiences presence in unlimited environments. You will see a projection of users walking through a VR experience of six scientific phenomena important to the creation and support of life on Earth: Wormhole and Big Bang Theory, Muliversion and Supersymmetry Theory, Quantum Engagement, Gravity and Super spring Theory, Tesseract.

## What it does? NeuroAlien uses the power of Virtual Reality technology to develop mindfulness motion and creative action for emotional release. Gives kids with hypersensitivity syndrome benefits like calm, focus and energy through the method of teaching emotional, social and communication skills. Besides our tool for XR therapy gives educators and tutors opportunity to monitor and track the progress of emotional development their learner through use brainwave and biofeedback equipment. The healthcare immersive experience for hypersensitivity syndrome kids should begin to treat of movement and activity in XR as the best cognitive practice of the world around us.

## How I built it? Let's see, feel and walk through the immersion world of virtual reality inspired by six scientific phenomena necessary to create and support life in the universe. Using a unique combination of technologies, we enable observing the universe in the infinite reflection of the Big Bang, experiencing many parallel worlds in NeuroAlien is an incredibly addictive space of miracles. The adventure participant will be able to experience significant scientific phenomena that inspired immersion art. By the way, explore special effects and illusions that are specific to VR technology and that cannot be achieved on any other medium. The effects of spatial distortion and the presence of the body are largely unique to immersion technology.

Challenges I ran into based on a unique combination of technologies will inspire further creative options for creating immersive content. The experience will bring art and science to a new audience, creating therapeutic and artistic value and strengthening social ties between individuals as they share their experiences. NeuroAlien illuminates the sense of amazement and enriches the emotional world of the user, opening the mind for further exploration.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of is that we create new, category-defining consumer hardware and software that are immersive, social, and increase the depth of kids' connections. A team is a diverse group of problem solvers, researchers, psychologists, cognitivists, inventors, and proven visionaries who are relentless about transforming everyday therapy into rich experiences that have the potential to improve the way thousands of children live.

What I learned that goals and milestones should always centre around tapping into the magic that lies at the intersection of humanity, innovation and technology. Thanks to that, we are allergic to the use of technology for the sake of life. We always champion digital education and responsible usage of devices. We aim to create a safe, fun space where colleagues feel they can talk about tech and innovation more broadly. Success metrics don’t relate to one person or role, but rather to contribute work together. This isn’t a lone-wolf position, everything is collaboration. Success is a result of team-based creation of our cooperation and understanding.

What's next for NeuroAlien? We have closely monitored the development of available equipment because we believe that experience will be improved with the 6DOF solution without restrictions. A therapeutic experience consisting of three elements: online platform, mobile application and VR experience based on 3 programming languages HTML, Flutter and C #. VR production will take place thanks to the Unity3D gaming engine because it is a huge ecosystem and the availability of open-source libraries is invaluable. For work, we will use Oculus Quest, a stand-alone headset, biosensors implemented in Empatica and NextMind technologies. We will work with hand tracking using external depth detection cameras which help us to create digital mindfulness motion and creative action for emotional release.

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