Cool Pebble Watch / MUSE hack

One major cause of road accidents is driving fatigue. There are currently no solutions on the market effectively addressing the problem. We have developed an app. "NeuroAlert" that detects when a person is fatigued and dosing off using EEG signals from the Muse brain sensing headband. The person is then alerted with a vibration on the pebble watch. This app can be used by drivers to prevent accidents from driving fatigue. Also, students can use this app while studying, in class or engaging in high focus need activities to prevent them from dosing off. Our tracking of the brain activity of a person throughout the day could be used to detect they are person is stressed based on the levels of their brainwaves.

Additionally, using this same technology, we have created a fun simple game. The game mimics a classic staring contest between two players, but the Muse headband is used to detect when a player blinks and loses. The duration of the game and win/loss is reported back to the players on their Pebble watches.

Both projects are using a basic android app to coordinate between the Muse headband and the Pebble watch.

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