Neuro-Matter is an integrated social platform designed to combat not one, but 3 major issues facing our world today: Inequality, Neurological Disorders, and lack of information/news.

We started Neuro-Matter with the aim of helping people facing the issue of Inequality at different levels of society. Though it was assumed that inequality only leads to physical violence, its impacts on neurological/mental levels are left neglected.

Upon seeing the disastrous effects, we have realized the need of this hour and have come up with Neuro-Matter to effectively combat these issues in addition to the most pressing issue our world faces today: mental health!

What it does

  1. "Promotes Equality" and provides people the opportunity to get out of mental trauma.
  2. Provides a hate-free social environment.
  3. Helps People cure the neurological disorder
  4. Provide individual guidance to support people with the help of our volunteers.
  5. Provides reliable news/information.
  6. Have an AI smart chatbot to assist you 24*7.

How we built it

Overall, we used HTML, CSS, React.js, google cloud, dialogue flow, google maps Twilio's APIs. We used Google Firebase's Realtime Database to store, organize, and secure our user data. This data is used to login and sign up for the service. The service's backend is made with node.js, which is used to serve the webpages and enable many useful functions. We have multiple different pages as well like the home page, profile page, signup/login pages, and news/information/thought sharing page.

Challenges we ran into

We had a couple of issues with databasing as the password authentication would work sometimes. Moreover, since we used Visual Studio multiplayer for the first time it was difficult as we faced many VSCode issues (not code related). Since we were working in the same time zones, it was not so difficult for all of us to work together, but It was hard to get everything done on time and have a rigid working module.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Overall, we are proud to create a working social platform like this and are hopeful to take it to the next steps in the future as well. Specifically, each of our members is proud of their amazing contributions. We believe in the module we have developed and are determined to take this forward even beyond the hackathon to help people in real life.

What we learned

We learned a lot, to say the least!! Overall, we learned a lot about databasing and were able to strengthen our React.js, Machine Learning, HTML, and CSS skills as well. We successfully incorporated Twilio's APIs and were able to pivot and send messages. We have developed a smart bot that is capable of both text and voice-based interaction. Overall, this was an extremely new experience for all of us and we greatly enjoyed learning new things. This was a great project to learn more about platform development.

What's next for Neuro-Matter

This was an exciting new experience for all of us and we're all super passionate about this platform and can't wait to hopefully unveil it to the general public to help people everywhere by solving the issue of Inequality.

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